Training for Volunteer Management

Staff at Volunteering WA are the experts in volunteer management training and offer a comprehensive range of volunteer-specific workshops and networking opportunities in WA. We keep abreast of all rapid changes in volunteering and are constantly engaging with the sector and local and international researchers in the industry.

There are many options for volunteer management training from attending a one workshop to completing one of the four Volunteer Management Endorsement levels. The more workshops you attend, the higher the Endorsement you receive.

We also have special workshops and events from industry leaders and researchers. These are often free for financial members.

Volunteer management endorsements

Why gain the VWA Volunteer Manager Endorsement?

Volunteering WA offers four levels of Volunteer Management Endorsement which align with nationally recognised qualifications. These Endorsements reward those who manage volunteers for their on-going personal commitment to professional development and high standards of practice. Achievements are recognised with a certificate at each level of attainment, providing a measurable standard for volunteer management.

  • Attending Key Issues of Volunteer Management and National Standards plus
  • A minimum of one Volunteer Manager Networking sessions at Volunteering WA or a Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC).

Attaining Administrator level plus:

  • Six Masterclasses plus
  • Minimum of two Volunteer Manager Networking sessions at Volunteering WA or a VRC.

At this level experience and/or qualifications in Project Management (external) is expected.

Attaining Coordinator level plus:

  • Four more Masterclasses plus
  • Minimum of four Volunteer Manager Networking sessions at Volunteering WA or a VRC.

At this level experience and/or qualifications in financial,  literacy and organisational management (external) is expected.

Attaining Manager level plus:

  • Attending a volunteer management specific conference (within the last 3 years).
  • To maintain this level, you will need to attend a minimum of two Volunteer Manager Networking sessions per year.
  • The above plus Manager Endorsement, plus a minimum 5 years’ experience, would qualify for application into the Volunteer Leadership Network. 

    At this level experience and/or qualifications in strategic management is also expected.

"The Volunteer Manager Endorsement means so much to me as it has allowed me to identify gaps. It means that after 8 years in my role I have something concrete to say that I was recognised for what I have done and learnt as a Volunteer Manager. This endorsement will not only raise the self-esteem of Volunteer Managers but I also believe the profile in general. There have been times that I have felt the only people who have understood how I am feeling is during sessions or training at Volunteering WA."

Sherilee Norris, Coordinator of Volunteers, Community Care, Lifespan Services, City of Swan

"I’m excited to have completed the Volunteering WA training and can’t believe I am the first to receive their Manager Endorsement. I am so glad that Volunteering WA have created the endorsements and have learnt a great deal from Gilda alongside the other volunteer coordinators involved. I highly recommend any other volunteer coordinators take up the opportunity with Volunteering WA next year."

Megan Davis, Events and Volunteer Coordinator, Therapy Focus

Upcoming volunteer management training sessions

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