Self-paced microlearning

For volunteer managers and coordinators who want to learn on-the-go outside of scheduled workshops, Volunteering WA is thrilled to offer an on-demand, self-paced style of learning through our online provider EdApp.

Online Course: Writing Effective Position Descriptions

Our first microlearning course is 'Writing Effective Position Descriptions'.

Course content

Recruitment and retention are often key challenges for volunteer managers, but these challenges could be resolved by understanding the importance of writing strong and clear volunteer position descriptions in the beginning of the recruitment process. 

Start learning straight away with our online micro-learning course 'Writing Effective Position Descriptions'.

Four modules

Volunteering WA is thrilled to offer an on-demand, self-paced course designed to help you to write effective position descriptions for volunteers. The course includes four modules which you can complete in your own time on your desktop, phone or tablet.

You will earn a certificate of completion from Volunteering WA once you have successfully completed the four modules. 

Module 1: Why write a position description?
Module 2 Who is your target audience?
Module 3: How to write an effective position description?
Module 4: Where to advertise your role?

The self-paced microlearning course is aimed at volunteer managers who write position descriptions and recruit volunteers. 

Get started - create a login and start your course through the EdApp portal.

This online learning is offered free to Western Australian volunteer involving organisations thanks to funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services

Further microlearning courses will launch at the close of 2022

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