Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become an active member of your community, while helping others and yourself. People volunteer for many different reasons. Some do it to meet new people, learn new skills, add to their CV, help other people, make good use of their spare time, take on new challenges, or use their skills and experience in a positive way.

  • things you should know

    Things You Should Know

    Learn about why volunteering is important, what volunteering is and the types of volunteering available

  • Find a volunteer role near you

    Finding Your Volunteer Role

    Find a volunteer position based on the skills you have and the causes you are passionate about

  • volunteer stories

    Volunteer Stories

    Read some volunteer stories that may inspire you to start your own volunteering journey

  • BHP - Corporate volunteering

    Corporate Volunteering

    We provide a customised brokerage service to companies wishing to contribute to the community through volunteering.