Tailored training for your organisation, let our trainers come to you.

Volunteering WA can deliver online or on-site training no matter where you are located in WA and Volunteering Australia's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program, in collaboration with Volunteering WA is specifically designed to enable volunteer management and leaders to flourish, whether you are in a large or small town or regional centre. 

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Information sessions and Workshops 

Volunteering WA is able to deliver, 1-hour online Information sessions and 3 or 6 hours online, face to face or hybrid workshops. All topics of interest are fee-for-service with topics tailored to suit your sector, attendee’s existing level of knowledge, and specific training needs.   

Please get in touch via our   training enquiry form   to discuss training needs, topics, expected attendee numbers and pricing. 

Below are current workshops which can be facilitated or tailored to suit your needs.

Understanding Volunteer Management, Challenges and Opportunities

CPD Points: Up to 1 CPD Point are awarded for attending this workshop

A changing environment presents a number of challenges and opportunities for volunteer management.

People's involvement and expectations of volunteering has changed, so how can we as volunteer leaders do things differently to accommodate change? 

This session will look at, but is not limited to:

  • What volunteer management entails and the best practices as a leader
  • the changes and trends in volunteering
  • innovative approaches to volunteer promotions
  • share challenges and opportunities with each other
  • continuous professional development

Growing and Remodelling Online and In-Person Volunteering

CPD Points: *Up to 2 CPD points awarded for attending the workshop and up to an additional 3 points can be earned for implementing online and in-person volunteering learnings

There are several advantages to engaging and utilising the services of volunteers online and in-person to increase the attractiveness of your volunteer involving organisation (VIO).  Considering online and in-person programs increases the number and quality of potential volunteers, boosts efficiency and productivity, and decreases environmental impacts.

Considering your volunteer involving organisation, this workshop will look at the challenges you are currently facing face how to prepare volunteer programs to be more inclusive.

Volunteer Supervision and Evaluating Volunteer Outcomes

CPD Points: Up to 2 CPD points are awarded for attending

By exploring a variety of supervision styles, understanding the responsibilities of the supervisor and the supervisee as well as considering the core values of supervision will increase productivity, commitment, and motivation from your volunteers.

This workshop also covers the planning, monitoring, and reviewing a continuous process with Volunteer Managers and Volunteers.

Maximise the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace

CPD Points: Depending on the allocated time to facilitate this session, up to 2 CPD points awarded for participating.

It's essential to have the education, tools, and support to build inclusive cultures within Volunteer Involving Organisations and for your employees and volunteers to understand the benefits of having a diverse workplace.

Being an organisation which is inclusive of all types of diversity improves the capacity to achieve objectives across the whole community. In this session, we will look at drivers to improve your recruitment process, retention and productivity to support a more effective and happier environment and better services to diverse communities.

Attracting and Retaining Young Volunteers 

CPD Points: Depending on the allocated time to facilitate this session, up to 2 CPD points awarded for participating.

This workshop has two parts, how to attract and retain youth and how to develop an actionable plan. Young people seek not only a sense of purpose from volunteering and their work but also rapid advancement opportunities and continuous feedback, learning and development.

This workshop looks at and is not limited to recruitment attraction strategies, designing roles of interest and how to increase engagement and productivity of young people. You'll leave this practical workshop with:

  • sample position description designed for youth volunteers that will be advertised via YVolunteer platform 
  • an action plan for engaging youth that includes communication strategy, mentoring activities, and resources -
  • ongoing support from VWA online and in face-to-face networking.

Let's Get Creative

CPD Points: Depending on the allocated time to facilitate this session, up to 2 CPD points awarded for participating.

By identifying challenges and exploring creative ways to engage with volunteers increases your organisation's chance of finding the right volunteers.

This workshop looks at the top recruitment channels and retention strategies for your organisation are well as:

  • storydoing and the power of words and language,
  • how to create innovative messages to attract all demographics
  • creating inclusive and diverse messages to attract volunteers 
  • ways to retain your current volunteers and to how to include inactive volunteers
  • Why rewarding and recognising your new and current volunteers is a fantastic motivational way of generating and increasing talent.

Leading Volunteers and Dynamic Teams

CPD Points: Depending on the allocated time to facilitate this session, up to 2 CPD points awarded for participating.

A team or miscommunication can make or break your culture. 

To develop a constructive workplace culture, one needs to understand the difference between a good leader and a great leader, team dynamics and how to communicate with different levels of leadership.

This session covers: 

  • Tips, traits and challenges of becoming a great leader
  • Respect, recognition and reward
  • teamwork styles and the resulting dynamics each style created 
  • How to get the best out of your teams 
  • How to understand different communication styles and to adapt to them 

Information Sessions (1 – 2 hours)

All on-demand training and information sessions are fee-for-service and can be tailored to suit your sector, attendee’s existing level of knowledge, and specific training needs. 

Sessions can be delivered in-person (travel fees may apply), or online. Topics include:

  • Rewarding and recognising volunteers
  • Team dynamics
  • Building leaderships skills
  • Resolving conflict, grievances, and dismissals
  • Volunteer communication skills
  • Organisational readiness
  • Connecting and matching volunteer expectations

Please submit a training enquiry form noting the topic(s) you would like presented, approximate dates, expected attendees, and budget.