Customised training

Consultancy Service

Volunteering WA’s expert management and staff are available to visit organisations to help set up new volunteer programs and provide audits to improve existing programs.

For further information about how we can help you develop and enhance your volunteer program please contact us on 9482 4325 or find out more by viewing our products and services menu.

Mentoring Program

The Volunteer Leadership Network Mentoring Program supports the upskilling of volunteer managers by offering experience-based learning and advice.

The Program is available for all Volunteering WA members and strives to find the best mentor-mentee fit, supporting the skills and abilities of the individual, as well as their organisation’s volunteering goals.

All mentors are volunteer management practitioners and belong to the Volunteer Leadership Network.

Would you like to be mentored by a professional volunteer manager?  This is a free service for Volunteering WA Members. Apply via our contact form.

‘On-demand’ or ‘customised’ off-site training

Let our trainers come to you!  We can deliver on site, no matter where you are located in WA. Our Volunteering WA Endorsed training is specifically designed to enable volunteer management to flourish, whether you are in a large or small town or regional centre. Please get in touch via our contact form to find out more information including pricing structure.

Volunteering WA’s formal workshops for professional volunteer management align with nationally recognised qualifications and provide a VWA Endorsement to those who attain the four different levels (Administrator, Coordinator, Manager, Sector Leader). Each level builds skills and knowledge to thrive and provide the best experience to volunteers.

Choose from any of our workshops, or build an Endorsement for your local organisations to achieve recognition for their commitment to professional development.

Key Issues of Volunteer Management (half or full day)

This fast-paced, information-rich workshop is essential for anyone new to volunteer management. We cover the key principles for effective volunteer management plus additional topics that will allow you to function at an even higher level.  Topics we cover are:  volunteer motivation, getting your organisation ready for volunteer involvement, marketing, connecting and matching expectations, acknowledging volunteers and evaluating volunteer outcomes.  Bonus topics cover attracting and retaining the different generations, influencing up-wards, and Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities.

National Standards for Volunteer Involving Organisations (half or full day)

If you coordinate volunteers or have management or governance responsibility in organisations that work with volunteers, the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement will be a very useful tool.  In the morning session you will work in groups to uncover the challenges and benefits of implementing standards, and get to know how the eight Standards can be applied in real situations. The afternoon session focuses on gaps in your organisation, looks at how you can manage change, and begin an action plan. This can help you become a volunteer organisation of choice which will make your job easier and you’ll be a star!

Our Masterclasses (half-day) build on the foundation workshops but can be stand-alone units.

Organisational readiness

Eliminate any volunteer program anxiety you might have and discover all the things you need in place prior to getting volunteers on-board. This includes having the culture you want, making your organisation attractive to volunteers, understanding volunteer motivation, and the legal stuff to make sure you are working within the law.

Marketing, connecting and matching expectations

Having trouble finding volunteers?  It is no longer about just recruiting, it’s about connecting volunteers and matching their expectation with yours. We focus on segmenting target markets, developing messages, writing winning advertisements to different target groups, screening and selecting, preparing for interviews, conducting interviews etc. Connecting with the right people will save you time, money and angst!

Supporting volunteers for success

Supporting volunteers is more than saying “thank you” and having an end-of-year party.  This workshop will eliminate the draining and expensive process of constant recruitment by showing you ways to support your volunteers.  Don’t let volunteers second-guess their decision to be with you - learn contemporary ways of retention by looking after volunteer interests.

Evaluating volunteer outcomes

Managing the performance of workers can be quite daunting for many, but if you have simple systems in place you will protect volunteers and be able to manage day-to-day issues. Topics include appraising and managing disputes, performing evaluations, disciplinary action, having difficult discussions with volunteers, dismissals and saying farewell. What is the behaviour you want and are you modelling it?


A fully functioning organisation requires strong leadership at many different levels. Essential for all Volunteer Managers, this workshop is also useful for anyone on a Committee or Board. It focusses on the importance of leadership in the management of volunteers and explores different models of leadership and how they can help you to engage and retain volunteers.


Increase productivity, loyalty and commitment from volunteers by examining your supervision style so you can deal successfully with tricky volunteer situations and be able to give effective feedback to volunteers. We’ll also uncover common reasons for conflict and grievances and how to avoid them.

Enhancing access to diversity

By expanding your recruitment efforts to include a diversity of volunteers you’ll open a whole new world that could be extremely rewarding for your organisation, clients and volunteers. This Masterclass looks at how to reach and manage diverse volunteers, provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, and how to avoid discriminatory practices. This is critical for all modern organisations


Have you ever wondered why some people seem so hard to work with?  In this Masterclass you’ll learn to understand and deal with differing communication styles, especially important as cross-cultural workplaces become the new norm. We’ll look into team communication, communication choices as well as the skills of listening. Imagine being able to confidently and assertively communicate to get the funding and support you need!

Volunteer risk management and Taboo topics

In this course, we delve into all the things no one wants to talk about such as identifying the overt and covert signs of trauma and recognising the impact of migrants, ethnicity, class, gender and religion on the volunteering workplace. In addition we have a practical risk management section that will help you identify the different types of risks and look at common insurance claims and how they can be avoided. Most importantly, this workshop will help you get ready for the new occupational health and safety legislation that will soon apply to every volunteer in WA.

Event Volunteering

We cover the keys to organising, planning, preparing and running an event using a team of volunteers including essentials such as recruiting volunteers, scheduling your time and staying organised and identifying the differences between running a small scaled event vs a large scaled event.

Developed especially for regional clubs, community groups and smaller organisations, these valuable workshops provide critical information needed for participants to feel in control of their volunteer programs and to help their groups to flourish!

Each “super-charged” session is between two to three hours long  ideal) and the series follows the new Volunteer Management Model so participants get similar information to their city and large organisation counterparts, but a more localised, short and sharp and relevant experience.

Generational volunteering – why all generations don’t volunteer equally

Take a fascinating look into the generations and learn why all generations don’t volunteer equally and how to attract, retain and work with them all. This essential workshop can give you some insight for your home life too.  Participants will learn:

  • The generational expectations of the volunteer experience
  • How successful organisations are able to attract and retain younger generations
  • Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
  • What you need to do differently to future-proof your organization.

Writing Winning Grant Applications

Developed with assistance from Lotterywest, Department of Local Government and Communities and Bid Write, you will learn what funders are looking for, what funders worry about, why applications fail, the four different types of grants, and the five steps for putting together successful applications. This practical workshop is very useful for those who are time poor and have minimal grant writing experience.

Recruiting volunteers

What motivates people to volunteer, to stay or leave your organisation? How can you develop a recruitment message to attract the best volunteers? Your good volunteers won’t want to leave when you have systems and structures in place for them. This workshop covers topics such as aligning your vision and purpose with recruitment, organisational policies, recruitment, Volunteer rights and responsibilities.

Rewarding and Recognising volunteers

No money to reward or recognise volunteers?  No worries!  Find out some cost effective ways of making your organisation somewhere people will love to be. This session covers orientation and training, rewarding and recognising volunteers, reimbursements, why organisations lose good people and more.

Communication Skills

We can all learn to communicate better. But why do some people drive you up the wall as soon as they open their mouth?  In this workshop we will discover the different communication styles so you’ll be able to work more effectively with a broader range of people. Learning to communicate, especially cross-generationally, is not only important in your volunteering, but at home too!

Volunteer Risk Management

Do you rely on volunteers to ensure the safety of people or equipment?  This very practical workshop will help you identify the risks and look at common insurance claims and how they can be avoided

Enhancing Access to Diversity

By expanding your recruitment efforts to include a diversity of volunteers you’ll open a whole new world that could be extremely rewarding for your organisation, clients and existing volunteers. This workshop looks at how to reach and manage diverse volunteers, provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, and how to avoid discriminatory practices. This is critical for all modern organisations.

Please contact our Manager Training and Development, Gilda for more information, available dates and selecting content that is meaningful and relevant for your local area.

Volunteering WA can develop workshops to suite your audience. There might be an extra small fee or no additional cost. Please contact our Manager Training and Development for more information.

Workshop Fees

Those previously mentioned and other customised courses can be delivered at a time suitable to your organisation’s needs and off-site for the following fees:

  • Financial members - half day or evening session: $660
  • Financial members - full day session: $1,100
  • Non-members – half day or evening session:  $990
  • Non-members – full day session:  $1,540

Please note minimum and maximum numbers may apply depending on the session. Some additional charges will apply for groups of over 20 people and if delivery is outside the metropolitan area. Contact us for a quote or for more details.

Guest Speaking

Experts in volunteering:  Volunteering WA’s senior management bear valuable expertise in fields as varied as:

  • Emerging issues in volunteering from around the world
  • Developing a robust volunteer program
  • New Australian Accounting Standards (effective from January 2019 for Government Agencies)
  • Volunteer-specific IT to assist organisations
  • Reporting of volunteers (financial and non-financial)
  • The multiplier effect of volunteering
  • Volunteering is freely given, but not free
  • Effective advocacy and more

If you would like to book one of our knowledgeable speakers at your event (fees may apply) please call our Training and Development Manager on 9482 4304.

Experts in volunteer management: The Volunteer Leadership Network members are available for a limited number of spots each year to speak on topics related to the value of volunteers and volunteer management, as well as the strategic relationship between volunteers and organisations.

The Volunteer Leadership Network offer their services for free to Volunteering WA Members. Apply via our contact form.