Meet your trainers

Volunteering WA aims to be a leading authority in training for the volunteer sector and our trainers are passionate about working with volunteer involving organisations to ensure volunteering is accessible to all.

Louise Giles

With over twenty years’ experience working in training and education for not-for-profit organisations in Western Australia and corporate companies in the UK, Louise has a strong work ethic and experience in Volunteering, the Aged Care Sector, Disability Services and Community Development. Louise has a passion for designing and developing online training as well as exploring the world of e-Learning and assisting with the development and delivery of online courses.


Robert Solomon

Robert is the Manager of IT Services and has been with Volunteering WA since 1999. He is a former TAFE lecturer, and has experience with various tools, systems and platforms used by Volunteering WA.

Jane Mason

Jane provides training for Volunteering WA members on using VIKTOR* to manage their organisation’s details and volunteer positions. Jane has worked with many types of databases and over the past four years has become well acquainted with the intricacies of VIKTOR to ensure organisations can fully utilise its benefits and unique features.  

*VIKTOR – is Australia’s online volunteer recruitment, referral and management platform

Kelly Nunn

Kelly is based in the Pilbara region and her position covers both the towns of Port Hedland and Newman. As Regional Community Engagement Coordinator her role works closely with community organisations and groups to promote Volunteering WA programs in the area, and to identify, plan and deliver projects that enable meaningful engagement with teams of corporate volunteers, resulting in underlying benefit to both parties.


Tanya Richardson

Tanya is the regional coordinator for Volunteering WA and is based in Northam, 1.25hrs North East of Perth. Tanya delivers sessions for volunteer involving organisations on how to recruit, reward, retain and evaluate the modern day volunteer.