Foundation training for volunteer managers

Volunteering WA's two Foundation Workshops are suitable for both new volunteer coordinators or experienced volunteer managers looking for a refresher on the foundations of managing volunteers in Western Australia. Our workshops our delivered as a mix of online, in-person or blended workshops. 

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Foundation Workshop: Key Issues of Volunteer Management (half day)

2 CPD Points \ Suitable for new volunteer coordinators or experienced managers looking for a refresher

This fast-paced, information-rich workshop is essential for anyone new to volunteer management and emerging volunteer involving organisations (VIOs). The key principles for effective volunteer management including building a solid foundation, connecting and supporting volunteers as well as reviewing and evaluating volunteer outcomes and programs will be covered.

Foundation Workshop: National Standards for Volunteer Involving Organisations (half day)

2- 5 CPD Points* \ Suitable for new volunteer managers and volunteer involving organisations wanting to implement the Volunteer National Standards

If your volunteer involving organisation coordinates volunteers or has management or governance responsibility, the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement will be a very useful. This workshop will uncover the challenges and benefits of implementing the eight nationals standards, and focus on gaps within your VIO and managing change as well as designing a National Standard action plan.

*2 CPD points are awarded for attending the workshop, and an additional 3 CPD points can be earned by reviewing your VIO's alignment to the National Standards and implementing the Standards into your organisation.