Fact Sheets

Background screening for volunteers

Find out when to perform screening checks; how to develop a screening policy; applying for Volunteer Police Checks in WA and Working with Children (WWC) Checks.

Download Background screening for volunteers fact sheet

Corporate Volunteering

Learn how corporate volunteering can help your organisation: what it is, the benefits and how Volunteering WA can help connect you with a corporate team.

Download Corporate Volunteering fact sheet

Other unpaid work arrangements

This fact sheet describes the differences between volunteering, work for the dole, internships, work experience and student placements.

Download Other unpaid work arrangements fact sheet

Volunteers during disaster and emergency events

Managing spontaneous volunteers during emergency situations can be challenging. This fact sheet outlines some of the main considerations and explains how Volunteering WA can assist during emergency events.

Download Volunteers during disaster and emergency events fact sheet

Volunteer National Police Certificate program

Volunteer National Police Certificates (VNPCs) list an individual’s criminal and traffic court outcomes and pending charges from all Australian police jurisdictions that are deemed disclosable at the time of application.

Download Volunteer National Polive Certificate program fact sheet

Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities for both Volunteers and Volunteer Involving Organisations.

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