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National Volunteer Management Resource Library

Discover a new national library resource under development across the State Peak bodies. This initiative is the result of an ongoing national collaboration to create and organise the best volunteer management resources in one place.

Visit the National Volunteer Management Knowledge Base

National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The refreshed National Standards for Volunteer Involvement are a best practice framework to guide volunteer involvement across Australia. The National Standards can be used flexibly, recognising that volunteering takes place in highly diverse settings and ways. ll organisations and groups can implement the refreshed National Standards at any time. The state and territory Volunteering Peak Bodies are leading the implementation of the refreshed National Standards and offer training and resources.  

Learn more and view the eight National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Volunteering Australia | Resource Hub

Volunteering Australia launched an online Volunteering Resource Hub to help anyone who helps manage, lead or coordinate Australia’s almost six million volunteers. The Resource Hub includes over 350 relevant, useful and accessible resources including policies, procedures, tools, videos, templates, guides, research and factsheets.

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Volunteer Management Handbook

The Volunteer Management Handbook has been designed to support new, existing and aspiring Volunteer Managers and Coordinators in their role. 

Find the online Volunteer Management Handbook on the national Knowledge Base

Virtual Volunteering

With the growth in virtual communications, volunteering organisations are embracing new ways to support their community through virtual volunteering, by adapting existing roles and creating new ones. This resource will provide you with tips for managing virtual volunteer roles in your organsiation.

Tips for Optimising Virtual Volunteering

In response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteering WA has launched a comprehensive resource and workshop package ('Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program') for volunteer leaders and volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) to help you adapt to the new challenges and prepare volunteer programs for a transition to virtual volunteering. This resource package is suitable for all volunteer involving organisations.

Delivered face-to-face, this interactive workshop complements the Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program Handbook. 

Search for upcoming workshop dates: 'Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program.

Compliance and Legislation

NFP Law for volunteers: Volunteers are an important resource to many, if not most, community organisations.  Volunteer involving organisations can make sure their relationship with volunteers is meaningful, and managed respectfully and safely, by understanding the legal issues relating to the engagement and management of volunteers.

On the following NFP Law page you will find a sample Volunteer agreementGuide to workplace behaviors, Guide to volunteer safety, and a Guide to ending the volunteer relationship. 

NFP Law: legal issues relating to the engagement and management of volunteers

NFP Law - Work Health and Safety Act: The purpose of the Work Health and Safety laws are to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, volunteers and other persons who are at, or come in to contact with a workplace. The new Work Health and Safety Act 2020 is expected to come into force in Western Australia in late 2021. On the following NFP Law web page you will find the following resources:

  • Guide to Community organisations and work health and safety laws.
  • Guide to the model Work Health and Safety Act published by Safe Work Australia.
  • Guide to the model Work Health and Safety Regulations published by Safe Work Australia.
  • The Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Volunteers published by Safe Work Australia.

NFP Law: Work Health and Safety

Requirements for Volunteer Passenger Transport Drivers:  Volunteers driving for a community transport service do not require a PTD authorisation. Volunteering WA would like to thank our members and partners who worked with us to advocate for this change.

Volunteering WA advocacy success: Change to requirements for Volunteer Passenger Transport Drivers

Guide | Work health and safety for volunteer organisations:  Everyone has the right to be safe at work, including volunteers. Volunteers play a vital role in communities across Australia and make significant contributions by carrying out unpaid work for a variety of organisations every day.

The WHS for volunteer organisations guide provides information on how the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 applies to organisations that engage volunteers. It outlines the primary duty that organisations employing workers and engaging volunteers have under the WHS Act and explains how to meet this duty.

Worksafe WA's Work health and safety for volunteer organisations guide (PDF)

Policies Handbook For Volunteer-run Organisations

Volunteering WA has developed a sample Policy Handbook for Volunteer-run Organisations to provide an example of the kind of policies that may be adapted by volunteer-run organisations (without any paid employees). They are intended for use by incorporated associations.

Care must be taken to adapt the contents to reflect your organisation’s vision, mission, values, and operational context. Any industry specific legislative or regulatory requirements should be considered and reflected in your documentation.

It is recommended that volunteers of your organisation are consulted on the intention and operation of policies and procedures that are applicable to them, as part of the development process. This assists in raising awareness and ensures all issues and viewpoints are considered. Your Board / Management Committee will need to consider the strategic, financial, and operational risks of the organisation, with appropriate risk mitigations and treatment.

The development of your organisation’s policies and procedures would generally be led by, and subject to the review and approval of, the Board / Management Committee of your organisation.

Policies and procedures should be supported by awareness and training programs, processes and systems. They should be subject to a regular, scheduled review and continuous improvement.

All information provided is of a general nature only. Organisations should seek legal advice on specific issues.

Download our Policy Handbook - Guide for Volunteer-run Organisations
Editable Word Document | PDF Version

Research Resources

Report 'The Economic, Social and Cultural Value of Volunteering to WA': The socio-economic and cultural value of volunteering to Western Australia is conservatively estimated to be $39.0 billion. 

Read the Economic, Social and Cultural Value of Volunteering to WA Report

The research checklist was produced to support Volunteer Involving Organisations that are considering whether to contribute to a research project, or undertake research with an academic or industry research partner.

Research Checklist

Background screening for volunteers

Find out when to perform screening checks; how to develop a screening policy; applying for Volunteer Police Checks in WA and Working with Children (WWC) Checks.

Download Background screening for volunteers fact sheet

Corporate Volunteering

Learn how corporate volunteering can help your organisation: what it is, the benefits and how Volunteering WA can help connect you with a corporate team.

Download Corporate Volunteering fact sheet

Read IAVE's Global Corporate Research Report *Launched June 2022

Other unpaid work arrangements

This fact sheet describes the differences between volunteering, work for the dole, internships, work experience and student placements.

Download Other unpaid work arrangements fact sheet

Spontaneous Volunteers in Emergencies in WA

Spontaneous volunteers have a critical role to play in helping WA to respond and recover from emergencies, including natural disasters.  Find out more about the role Volunteering WA plays, how you can be involved, and steps that should be taken to protect the health and safety of spontaneous volunteers in emergencies.

Download Spontaneous Volunteers in Emergencies in WA fact sheet

Volunteer National Police Certificate program

Volunteer National Police Certificates (VNPCs) list an individual’s criminal and traffic court outcomes and pending charges from all Australian police jurisdictions that are deemed disclosable at the time of application.

Visit Volunteer National Police Certificate Program (

Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities for both volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.

Download the Rights and Responsibilities Checklist

COVID-19 Resources

  • See our vaccines page for regular updates on the vaccine mandates

This guide provides practical guidance to support volunteers to be better informed about volunteering in response to a pandemic. During a pandemic, volunteers will be faced with the need to adapt to a number of changes and to make decisions that may impact their volunteering.

Responding to a Pandemic in WA - Guide for Volunteers

This guide provides practical guidance and assistance to Volunteering Involving Organisations (VIOs) when responding to a pandemic. During a pandemic, VIOs will be faced with a number of changes and this guide provides checklists and guidance on key items to consider.

Responding to a Pandemic in WA - Guide for VIOs

This fact sheet aims to provide WA-based companies wanting to get their employees back into corporate volunteering with a guide on how to prepare for corporate volunteering in a post COVID-19 context. 

Return to Corporate Volunteering Fact Sheet

This 'Returning to Volunteering' guide has been developed to help Volunteer Involving Organisations navigate through the process of returning volunteering programs and volunteers safely during COVID-19.

Returning volunteer programs and volunteers during COVID-19

COVID-19 has inspired people to form informal volunteer groups to support their local community. This resource is for individuals who are creating these informal volunteer groups to respond to this pandemic.

COVID-19 and Informal Volunteering Groups

Volunteering WA's Event Planning Guide

Volunteering WA's Event Planning Guide is a helpful resource with step-by-step advice and tips for organising successful events.

Read the How To Host A Successful Event guide