There is a huge array of useful volunteering material out there and it's a great way to find and share information and to keep in touch with others in the sector. There is no point in reinventing the wheel (and most of us don't have time to) so we've included a list of our favourite resources below.

  • factsheets

    Fact Sheets & Downloads

    Find out about Volunteer Fact Sheets & Guides on screening for volunteers, corporate volunteering, unpaid work arrangements, volunteers during emergency and disaster relief

  • FAQs for volunteers

    FAQs for Volunteers

    Find out about volunteer rights and responsibilities through our frequently asked questions for volunteers

  • FAQ's for volunteer managers

    FAQs for Volunteer Managers

    Find out about volunteer rights and responsibilities through our frequently asked questions for volunteer managers

  • HR procedures

    Online Volunteer Management Handbook

    The Volunteer Management Handbook has been designed to support new, existing and aspiring Volunteer Managers and Coordinators in their role. 

  • Grants


    Find grants or scholarships for conference attendance, Volunteering WA workshops, National Volunteer Week, and general grants available to NFPs

  • Volunteer Benefits Calculator

    Volunteer Benefits Calculator

    Use the Volunteer Benefits Calculator to find out what your volunteers are really worth to your organisation

  • HR procedures

    Ask us a question - VIOHelp Service

    Do you have a question about volunteer management or best-practice? Volunteer management and sector expertise is now just an email away - submit your queries to our new helpdesk, VIOHelp

  • HR procedures

    YVolunteer | Engaging Youth Volunteers

    The YVolunteer youth volunteering program helps give young people a voice in volunteering. Volunteering can help put young people on a pathway to finding a job, as well as building meaningful social connections and confidence

  • HR procedures

    COVID-19 | Guidance and Vaccine Mandates

    Volunteering WA regularly updates guidance for volunteer involving organisations, including the latest information on vaccine mandates and eligibility for volunteers