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Volunteer management: a journey of continuous improvement using the Nationals Standards for Volunteer Involvement - Muslim Women’s Support Center (MWSC) 
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The Muslim Women’s Support Center (MWSC) is a small volunteer involving organisation in Perth, Western Australia. They have been supporting, empowering, informing, and connecting Muslim women in WA since 1987. They provide inclusive, holistic, and culturally sensitive services for Muslim women and their families thereby creating healthy, happy communities.
Supporting Ability Heroes to plan, write and advertise effective volunteer position descriptions
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Volunteering WA met with the Ability Heroes team to review and better understand their organisational goals, website functionality, and their current needs. Ability Heroes sent a first draft of a position description to Volunteering WA and the short description needed a little attention. Recommendations included....... 
Support services for volunteer involving organisations

If your organisation has a volunteer management query or requires support please contact Volunteering WA. For common queries we can reply with information and resources to support, and if you require one-on-one support we can escalate your need to our volunteer management team thanks to support from the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

Volunteering WA's Volunteer Management Activity support services are funded by the Australian Government Department Social Services.