Show you are proud to be a member of Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA members are encouraged to display the Volunteering WA member logo on their communications in line with the guidelines and terms of use.

Displaying the Volunteering WA member logo, not only shows that you are proud to be a member, it says something about how your organisation values volunteers, volunteering and Volunteering WA as the peak body.

Any questions please email the member services team.

Why our members want to display the member logo

Cycling Without Age, Karen O’Connor: "To align with the good values and ethos of belonging to Volunteering WA as we rely totally on volunteers to run our community service."

Bibbulmun Track Foundation, Helen Grimm: "It demonstrates volunteer management as a profession; acknowledges the importance of volunteers in our organisation; and indicates our desire to manage our volunteers professionally and to current national standards."

Achievers Club WA, Clare Badenoch: "It shows that we value and care for our volunteers and recognise their importance."

How to access the Volunteering WA Member logo

Guidelines and terms of use

  1. The logo may be used on the organisation’s digital communications including website, social media, e-newsletters and e-signatures.
  2. When used online and in digital communications, the logo should link through to the relevant page of the Volunteering WA website.
  1. The logo should not be used on printed stationery eg letterhead, envelopes or business cards.
  2. The logo may be used on printed materials (such as annual reports or printed newsletters) as long as these communications are dated.
  3. The artwork supplied for the logo must not be changed in any way.
  4. Artwork is available in a .png format which is suitable for simple graphics. A higher resolution .eps version is available on request.
  5. The logo is not to be passed on to associated groups, sub brands, branches, service sites, departments, projects or programs, for them to use on their communications.
  6. The logo belongs to Volunteering WA.
  7. The logo must not be used in a way which may cause a member of the public or other companies or organisations to believe that Volunteering WA endorses the activities of the organisation or that the organisation is related to Volunteering WA in another way.
  8. The logo must not be used in any way to suggest the organisation’s policies, procedures and practice have been assessed by Volunteering WA for compliance with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.
  9. If Volunteering WA requests an organisation change or ceases their use of the logo, the organisation will comply with this request as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so and inform Volunteering WA that it has done so. Volunteering WA is not liable to the organisation for any costs incurred in complying with a request from Volunteering WA.
  10. Organisational members of Volunteering WA (including NFPs of all sizes, Local Government Authorities, and Government Agencies, Volunteer Services or Resource Centres and Tertiary Student Volunteering Hubs) are entitled to use the member logo for the duration of their active (paid up) membership,
  11. On cancellation of Volunteering WA membership, the organisation should remove the Volunteering WA logo from its marketing promotions and communications across all channels and media.