Volunteering WA Consultancy Services

Make your volunteer program the best it can be

Speak with our Member Services Manager about how Volunteering WA can support your volunteer programs through fee-for-service based consultancy.  

Volunteering WA has a 30+ year proven track record of providing and sharing effective, efficient and innovative volunteer management and program support to volunteer involving organisations in WA.  

Our fee-for-service consultancies are tailored to the needs of the organisation. Recent projects for WA volunteer organisations include:

  • Developing a volunteering strategy
  • Developing a volunteer management plan
  • Developing a service model for a new volunteer program
  • Facilitation of stakeholder workshops
  • Review of volunteer recruitment strategy
  • Gap analyses against the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement



"It was important for EdConnect to have a considered and consistent approach to how we attract new volunteers to the organisation. We wanted to consult across the organisation and work together to create a recruitment plan that staff believed in and reflected how we work in practice. By working with VWA we were lucky enough to have their expertise and experience to guide us through this process. A mixture of meetings, online workshops and discussions led to the development of a 3 year recruitment plan that has been adopted across the organization and guides our recruitment practices. The experience was very positive and we would highly recommend engaging Volunteering WA’s professional service."

Carin McCashin
Community Program Manager

Mosaic Community Care

"The scope was spot on and the deliverables were exactly what we wanted. The workshop day was so well thought out and professionally run and we got a lot out of it. The staff really enjoyed the day and there was a lot of energy around the subject. The report and the action plan is perfect, high quality and just what we need to move the project forward.

The VWA consultants were a delight to work with."

Sharon Parcell
Volunteer Coordinator
Mosaic Community Care