We are here to help you grow a thriving volunteer community

As your peak volunteer body, Volunteering WA is here to support you and champion the volunteering community, so you can focus on maximising your volunteering program and making a difference. Think of us as your partner in the volunteer journey – from recruiting, to engaging, retaining and growing a thriving volunteer community. Working together, we can also help you connect with volunteers from diverse groups such as people living with disability, First Nations Peoples, new migrants, and those in regional, rural or remote areas.

How can we, as your volunteer peak body, better support you, your volunteers, and your organisation? How can we help? Get in touch at VIOHelp or give us a call on 9482 4333.

Build your organisational capacity

Volunteering WA administers the Federal Government Department of Social Services' Volunteer Management Activity (VMA), alongside our volunteer peak body counterparts in each State and Territory. 

Contact Volunteering WA or your local Volunteer Resource Centre for support on:

  • best practice recruitment and training of volunteers based on the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement
  • retaining and recruiting volunteers
  • regulatory obligations and risk management
  • developing an inclusive volunteer management plan to guide your organisation
  • face to face support for organisations who wish to engage more diverse volunteers


In addition to the support provided by our team, you can also find on the Volunteering WA website:

You can also help guide the new program development by sharing your experiences through feedback, surveys or being part of discussions on what your organisation would find useful to better support volunteer management into the future.

What is the is the Federal Government's Volunteer Management Activity (VMA)?

There are different government funds to support thriving volunteering and communities across Australia. From 2021 – 2026 a source of federal funding to strengthen the capacity of volunteer involving organisations, is provided by Department of Social Services (DSS).

DSS has partnered with State/Territory volunteering peak bodies like Volunteering WA, who are working with volunteer services throughout regional and metropolitan WA. The services are to support volunteer activity of clubs, groups, charities and not-for-profits through a program.

This Volunteer Management Activity focuses on:

  • online services including resources and training, to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations to undertake good practices in volunteer management including recruiting and retaining volunteers along with development of volunteer programs
  • breaking down barriers to volunteering faced by priority groups including People with Disabilities, First Nations People and Newly Arrived Migrants.

Why has the program focused more on an online model of support?

The government is promoting a more consistent national approach to development and delivery of resources. It also is promoting more access to regional volunteer organisations, improved information technology access and good volunteer management practices that also gives additional support to involving vulnerable people in volunteering. 

For an extensive list of resources and information on volunteer management topics or issues see the Volunteering Resource Hub or search Resources and Volunteer Management pages on this website.

How do volunteers find roles with organisations?

Anyone who wishes to volunteer to find meaningful roles and opportunities are able to go online at www.volunteeringwa.org.au and search the volunteer platform by interest, availability and preferred location. Organisations can also be supported to access this volunteer recruitment platform to advertise their available roles.

It is expected that over time, volunteer involving organisations will have increased opportunities to support participation by all volunteers including volunteers with disabilities, First Nations people, and newly arrived migrants under the VMA program. 

Visit the Department of Social Services website DSS Volunteer Management.

For further information, please contact Volunteering WA at info@volunteeringwa.org.au or phone 08 9482 4333.