Tue. 26 February 2019

09:30 AM to 13:00 PM


2 Delhi Street

West Perth

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Volunteer Manager Networking - West Perth

Described as "invaluable", especially for those who are new to volunteer management, we discuss general news, events, share information and solve any volunteer-related problems you might have.

This month we are pleased to be hosting the launch of the BankWest Curtin Economics Centre funded report The social and economic sustainability of WA's rural volunteer workforce. Curtin Uni researchers, Professor Kirsten Holmes and Associate Professor Amanda Davies, will present the findings from their recent study of rural volunteering in WA. They examined the challenges facing volunteer-involving-organisations and individual volunteers across all sectors and offer recommendations for policy and practice. There will be some general tips for organisations and also reports on how individual volunteers manage their volunteering, which is relevant to both rural and city organisations.

We are thankful to the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre who will be providing special catering and everyone will receive a hard copy of the report.

Please note that this special FREE session runs to 1.00pm and includes a lovely lunch afterwards (so you can grab some food and go, or stay on for networking with your peers).

This is a popular event and ONLY OPEN to people who are currently working as a Coordinator or Manager of volunteers.