Letter of Support from the Greens


Hon Alison Xamon MLC, Member for North Metropolitan
18 January 2021

Read the full response from the Greens here

Thank you for your letter dated 18 December 2020 enclosing Volunteering WA's  2021 State Election – Invest in Volunteering in Western Australia.   

We have seen an alarming an steady reduction in the number of volunteers in Western Australia.   So many activities that assist with social cohesion rely heavily on volunteer activity – whether that be in community services, or in sport, or in all the other fields in which volunteers provide such valuable service.

I was very pleased to see the detail in each of the priority areas and I agree with the importance of ensuring that these issues are addressed.

I am more than happy to support Volunteering WA’s election requests.”    


Volunteering WA's Election Priorities

Volunteering WA calls on all major parties to invest in volunteering and commit to five (5) key actions in this State Election. 

  1. Increase funding for volunteer recognition and celebration.
  2. Provide adequate and secure funding for volunteer resource centres.
  3. Consider and consult on the impact of statutory changes to volunteering.
  4. Adequately fund sector support, recognising the breadth of volunteering.
  5. Harness technological innovation to facilitate volunteering.

Read our full election platform here