Volunteering in Aged Care Settings – Research Project

Volunteering in aged care settings has changed significantly during the time of COVID-19 and initial indications are that some of the changes which have occurred are likely to remain, changing the volunteering landscape for volunteers, managers of volunteers and organisations.

As part of the State's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteering WA has received a Lotterywest grant to conduct research into volunteering within aged care settings.

In partnership with Murdoch University, the objective of the project is to facilitate knowledge sharing about what has changed for the time of COVID-19 that is likely to remain and to assist organisations to include this in their briefing and recruiting of volunteers, reskilling of existing volunteers and planning for the future.

The project will engage volunteer managers working in aged care. Project outcomes, including a Good Practice Guide, will be presented at the Volunteering WA State Volunteering Conference to be held in November 2021.

Opportunity to participate in workshops
(For each workshop, participants can either attend the online Zoom workshop, OR the face-to-face to workshop.

  • ROUND 1: Workshop for Volunteer Managers  
  • ROUND 2: Workshop for Volunteers
  • ROUND 3: Workshop to Road Test Good Practice Guide

Details and dates below.

Round 1: Workshop for Volunteer Managers in Aged Care Settings

We want you to tell us about your experience of managing volunteers in the aged care sector during the Covid 19 period as part of a new study by Dr Megan Paull and Dr Sally Paulin from Murdoch University, supported by VWA and Lotterywest.  This has been an unusual and trying time for many of you and Megan and Sally want to develop good practice guides based on your feedback and experience that will be useful for you and other practitioners in the future.

Round 1 is for Volunteer Managers to tell us how aged care volunteering changed in your workplace due to the COVID19 pandemic. The workshop will look for successes as well as barriers, and to explore those things which were implemented which could have been done better, what changes have remained beyond COVID19 and any new ideas that might be acted on in the future.

Volunteer managers working in aged care homes or providing aged care services in the community are invited to attend.

Workshop numbers are limited and registration is essential.

  • Workshop 1A In person on Monday 3 May 2021 from 2pm – 4pm in Perth *closed.
  • Workshop 1B Online by Zoom on Wednesday 5 May from 1pm – 3pm.   Preference will be given to regional attendees. *closed.

Round 2: Workshop for Volunteers in Aged Care Settings

In Round 2 Volunteers will be asked about how their experience of volunteering in aged care settings may have changed due to the COVID19 pandemic and any recommendations for the future from their perspectives.

Volunteers providing care and other services in aged care homes or providing aged care services in the community are invited to attend.

Workshop numbers are limited and registration is essential.

  • Workshop 2A In person on Monday 10 May 2021 from 2pm – 4pm in Perth. *closed. 
  • Workshop 2B Online via Zoom on Wednesday 12 May from 1pm – 3pm. Preference will be given to regional attendees. *closed.
  • Workshop 2C In person on Tuesday 29 June 2021 from 10am - 12pm in Perth. 
    To register your attendance please click here.   
  • Workshop 2D Online via Zoom on Wednesday 30 June from 2pm - 4pm. Preference will be given to regional attendees. To register your attendance please click here

Round 3: Workshop To Road Test Good Practice Guide

All of the information captured in Rounds 1 and 2 will be analysed to identify emerging themes, opportunities and good practice recommendations. 

 Key differences and similarities will be noted and the data, along with relevant literature findings and the work of Justice Connect and Volunteering WA on volunteering during a pandemic, will be incorporated into the drafting of Good Practice Guides for the sector. 

The draft Practice Guides will then be “road tested” by participants in Round 3.

Round 3 is for both Volunteer Managers and Volunteers to review the drafts and offer suggestions for any refinements from the perspectives of the Users.  Practical usefulness of the guides will be a key feature.

More information on the workshops for Round 3, currently scheduled to be held in August 2021, will follow.  To register your interest in attending please send an email to agedcarevols@volunteeringwa.org.au