Community feedback

St Bart’s has significantly benefited by being able to host an outstanding stable of corporate volunteer groups facilitated by Volunteering WA. These volunteer groups have undertaken a range of activities that we would likely never reach without this volunteer support. Activities are as varied as corporate blitzes in painting, preventative maintenance, gardening, and cleaning through to cooking BBQ’s or playing key roles in our annual Christmas hamper appeal. Our Volunteering WA partnership is working very well, and we now prioritise their activities due to the professional support we receive from all their very talented staff. Over and above the demonstrable benefits the hundreds of volunteer hours give directly to St Bart’s, the relationship with Volunteering WA additionally enables us to advocate for the men and women we support in our services. The meaningful interactions we have with these corporate groups is a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. The level of service we receive from Volunteering WA has been outstanding, and each staff member is a credit to their organisation.- Warren Nel, Volunteer Coordinator at St Bart’s


"Corporate volunteering is a workforce that we couldn’t do without. Whether in the warehouse or Community Kitchen they make a huge difference in helping us achieve our purpose. We have a small workforce, so we rely on corporate staff volunteers to help us sort, pack and prepare food for our fellow Western Australians who are doing it tough. Having corporate volunteers coming in regularly has helped in our smooth operations to a large extent."

- Smitha Mudradi HR & Volunteer Officer