Tapping into corporate volunteers

Volunteering WA’s corporate volunteering program provides volunteer opportunities for businesses wishing to contribute to the community through team-based volunteering, or skills-based volunteering

Volunteering WA can assist your organisation in scoping projects for teams of corporate volunteers to take part in.

We have more than 10 years of experience in delivering teams of corporate volunteers and skilled volunteers to our member organisations. We can assist with facilitating team-based and skills-based volunteering projects that are tailored to suit the needs of your community organisation.

Team-based volunteering Skills-based volunteering
Typically a once-off (half or full day) volunteering activity with a team of 10+ corporate volunteers (during week day business hours only) 1+ employees provide 8-12* hours of expert support over a period of weeks/months on a specific scope of work

By engaging with Volunteering WA, we can help you identify, plan and develop your volunteering project or activity and source an appropriate corporate team to volunteer with your organisation

The corporate volunteer will use their workplace expertise to assist your community organisation with a project that fills a skills gap in the organisation

Team days could include tree planting, beach clean ups, writing letters to residents and clients, packing baby hampers for new parents, repairing bikes for youth programs, painting and site maintenance, wildlife rehab, microplastic surveys, food preparation for people in need, sorting and packing donations.

The more developed a project is, the more impact the corporate volunteers will have on your organisation. A positive experience at your organisation will ensure the corporate volunteers leave as supporters and ambassadors for your cause

Typical project areas include human resources, business development, strategic planning, project management, mentoring, policy and procedure creation or reviews

If you require a larger project, Volunteering WA can investigate getting more than one person working on it and/or break it into sub-projects for various corporate volunteers to work on

Volunteering WA's corporate team will liaise with your community organisation to perform risk assessments and Job Hazard Analysis, administer registrations from attendees, organise transport, catering and PPE for the corporate volunteers, attend the activity to facilitate on the day and be a point of contact for employees on the day Volunteering WA's corporate team liaises with the employee and NFP to create a specific scope and expected outcomes
  *Volunteering activities are tailored to the businesses' Employee Volunteer Leave Allowances

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The program provides the opportunity for corporate volunteers to make a direct impact on a community organisation, whilst receiving a rewarding and positive volunteering experience.

If you are already a Volunteering WA member and want to learn more, please contact the corporate team on corporate@volunteeringwa.org.au or attend one of our Step into Corporate Volunteering info sessions 


To access our corporate volunteers, you must first be a member of Volunteering WA. Check out our Become a Member page to learn more and apply.

Corporate volunteering is a workforce that we couldn’t do without. Whether in the warehouse or Community Kitchen they make a huge difference in helping us achieve our purpose. We have a small workforce, so we rely on corporate staff volunteers to help us sort, pack and prepare food for our fellow Western Australians who are doing it tough. Having corporate volunteers coming in regularly has helped in our smooth operations to a large extent. - Smitha Mudradi HR & Volunteer Officer