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Our end-to-end service not only helps businesses find suitable volunteer projects for their employees, but takes care of all of the logistical requirements involved.

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Volunteering WA can set up, administer and facilitate your corporate volunteering program
We provide an excellent brokerage service to businesses to help you find appropriate group or individual volunteer opportunities, conduct all planning and preparation involved, host volunteer teams on site, and report on the results. We facilitate team-based and skills-based volunteering for your employees and our corporate volunteering programs are tailored to suit the needs of the business.

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Volunteering WA Corporate membership is a prerequisite for access to our services, being $500 per year ex gst. Register as a corporate member today to support the engagement, leadership and advancement of volunteering in Western Australia.

Joining as a corporate member of Volunteering WA supports our purpose of empowering people and communities to enrich WA. In addition, it helps demonstrate your commitment to the pivotal role workplace volunteering plays in helping WA communities thrive. Corporate members can also access the many great services on offer, including:

  • Corporate volunteering consultation

To discuss your corporate volunteering needs, review your current volunteering program and provide advice.

  • Access to Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) events

Network and share knowledge with like-minded professionals on workplace volunteering matters.

  • Events on the volunteering calendar

Join us for specials events such as the WA Volunteer of the Year Awards gala dinner, International Volunteer Day Garden Party at Government House, State Volunteering Conference and more.

  • Website listing as a Corporate Member

On Volunteering WA’s website and in our Annual Report.

  • Use of the Volunteering WA Corporate Member logo

To promote your support of volunteering and Volunteering WA.

  • Volunteering WA E-newsletter

Packed full of interesting articles and community events – subscribe at the bottom the news page.

  • Opportunity to partner with Volunteering WA

Partner/sponsorship opportunities are available for various special events throughout the year.

Want to learn more about the program or get a quote for corporate volunteering services? Contact our Manager Corporate Volunteering for further information at or phone 9482 4333. 

Team-based Volunteering

Team days could include tree planting, beach clean ups, writing letters to residents and clients, packing baby hampers for new parents, repairing bikes for youth programs, painting and site maintenance, wildlife rehab, microplastic surveys, food preparation for families in need, sorting and packing donations.

Typically a once-off half or full day volunteering activity with a team of 10+ corporate volunteers (during week day business hours).

By engaging with Volunteering WA, we can help you identify, plan and develop your volunteering project/activity.

Volunteering WA's corporate team will liaise with your community organisation to perform risk assessments and Job Hazard Analysis, administer registrations from attendees, organise transport, catering and PPE for the corporate volunteers, attend the activity to facilitate on the day and be a point of contact for employees on the day.

The more developed a project is, the more impact the corporate volunteers will have on your organisation. A positive experience at your organisation will ensure the corporate volunteers leave as supporters and ambassadors for your cause.

Skills-based Volunteering

Corporate volunteers who participate in our skills-based program use their workplace expertise to assist a community organisation. Typical project areas include human resources, business development, strategic planning, project management, mentoring, policy and procedure creation or reviews.

One or more corporate employees provide 8-12 hours of expert support over a period of weeks/months on a specific scope of work. Volunteering activities can be tailored to your businesses' Employee Volunteer Leave Allowances.

Volunteering WA's corporate team works with the NFP to create a specific scope of work and expected outcomes. We then source a suitable volunteer and liaise with all parties throughout the project to ensure a successful outcome.

Benefits of Volunteering WA's Services

Volunteering WA has almost 800 member organisations, and we understand where the need is within the community for corporate volunteers. This makes us well placed to help find the right opportunity to meet the requirements, interests, and passions of your employees/team. Our member organisations keep us posted regularly on projects they have available for corporate groups.

Volunteering WA helps identify and scope a suitable project for a corporate team and organise key logistical requirements for the day, including catering, transport and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

A Volunteering WA representative will also attend on the day to assist with the facilitation of the volunteering project, as well as providing a comprehensive Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to ensure the day runs safely.
Volunteering WA provides a summary after each activity with for your internal/external communications and annual reporting.

Volunteering WA has almost 800 member organisations so is well placed to help find the right opportunity to meet the requirements, interests, and passions of your employees/team. Our member organisations keep us posted regularly on projects they have available for corporate groups.

A branded corporate volunteering portal can be set up for your company so employees can search for volunteering positions and book a team day online. The portal ensures an efficient and easy process - Volunteering WA will take care of the logistics!

Volunteering WA liaises with participating community organisations to secure volunteering placements, organise logistics and finalise details. We ensure all parties' needs are met to make your volunteering project a success, removing most of the administrative work from your employees. This makes it easier for your employees to participate in volunteering, thus increasing overall uptake of the program.

Volunteering WA will collect feedback from employee volunteers and the community organisation to determine your impact and provide an end-of-year report to measure the success of your program’s objectives. This information may be used for sustainability reporting, promotional and marketing purposes.

A fee for each of our services will be negotiated according to the number of teams and employees involved. Please do not hesitate to contact the corporate volunteering team on 9482 4333 or email us at for more information.

Resources to assist you in setting up your own program

We have put together resources, examples, points to consider, tips to improve, and how to sustain an employee volunteering program to help get you started. View the Establishing a Corporate Volunteering Program Guide (PDF) to help get you started. 

Corporate Volunteer Council

The Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is a coalition of businesses that recognise and promote the importance of workplace volunteering.  The Council provides professional guidance, development, support, and networking opportunities. Attending CVC events fosters the sharing of knowledge and resources and a greater awareness of community issues and challenges.

The CVC holds networking events throughout the year for those in your business who coordinate or manage employee volunteering, or for those who are keen to get a program started.

If you would like to be kept informed about these events, please fill out the contact form and mention that you’d like more information about CVC events. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Corporate Volunteer Council, Executive Committee*

  • Bankwest
  • Beyond Bank
  • Deloitte
  • Horizon Power
  • RAC
  • Rio Tinto
  • Woodside

*Volunteering WA Corporate members are welcome to apply to sit on the Executive committee.