Do you have a question about volunteer management or best-practice?

Volunteer management and sector expertise is now just an email away - submit your queries to our new helpdesk, VIOHelp:

Volunteering WA has established VIOHelp to answer queries from volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) about issues relating to volunteers or volunteer management practice.

The service draws on Volunteering WA's unique position as a peak body and our wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the past 32 years working with volunteer managers, volunteers and the volunteer sector in WA.

Examples of queries VIOHelp can assist with:

  • How can I calculate the $ value of volunteer contributions?
  • How can I find volunteers to help at our event?
  • Can I recruit a volunteer to provide holiday cover for a paid staff?
  • Should a VIO pay the medicare gap if a claim is made on volunteer personal accident insurance?
  • How long do volunteer records need to be kept?

The VIO Help team are not qualified to provide legal advice, but may provide factual information and refer you to other sources of information or skilled help.