For Volunteers

  • Your health and safety is vitally important.
  • You have every right to cease volunteering for a period at any time, for any reason, if you choose.
  • Communicate with your volunteering organisation to ensure
    • They know your plans
    • You know their plans and
    • The impact of any changes can be managed
  • Keep in touch with your volunteer organisation so that the valuable connections and contributions you have made can resume, when the situation changes.
  • We anticipate that many emergency volunteering opportunities will arise from this crisis.
  • Online and remote volunteering tasks are completed online and interaction is through a digital platform and/or via email. This form of volunteering allows for volunteer tasks to be completed away from a voluntary organisation, such as at home. There are a growing number of volunteer roles in these areas. 
    • Find out about online volunteering opportunities currently available here.
  • And don’t forget to look after yourself and ask for help if you need it.
  • It’s a stressful time for everyone and changes in your volunteering schedule may add to this.


Volunteers are under no obligation to continue to volunteer if they do not feel comfortable doing so. If you do attend your volunteering role then your Volunteer Involving Organisation has an obligation under Work Health and Safety Laws to provide protections around health and safety. You may wish to have a conversation with the organisation about different ways you can still contribute as a volunteer e.g. working remotely or virtual volunteering.