For Volunteers

Last updated September 2021
  • View vaccine requirements for volunteers here. 
  • Your health and safety is vitally important.
  • You have every right to cease volunteering for a period at any time, for any reason, if you choose.
  • Communicate with your volunteering organisation to ensure:
    • They know your plans
    • You know their plans
    • The impact of any changes can be managed
  • Keep in touch with your volunteer organisation so that the valuable connections and contributions you have made can resume, when the situation changes.
  • For your protection, consider volunteering for existing and established Volunteer Involving Organisations.
  • Online and remote volunteering tasks are completed online and interaction is through a digital platform and/or via email. This form of volunteering allows for volunteer tasks to be completed away from a voluntary organisation, such as at home. There are a growing number of volunteer roles in these areas. 
    • Find out about online volunteering opportunities currently available here.
  • And don’t forget to look after yourself and ask for help if you need it.
  • It’s a stressful time for everyone and changes in your volunteering schedule may add to this.
  • Find out more about volunteering in a pandemic here

Find a virtual / online volunteering role here