Volunteering WA forms Disability Advisory Group


Disability Advisory Group

Volunteering WA is proud to announce we have formed our Disability Advisory Group, which will facilitate a better understanding of people with disabilities within our communities and their unique barriers to volunteering. 

Through this advisory group, Volunteering WA aims to get an understanding of the needs and barriers facing people with disabilities and to explore ways in which information, services and programs in West Australia can best support volunteer involving organisations to reduce the barriers to volunteering.

The key outcomes of this advisory group are to increase opportunity and social participation for people with disabilities and to create an inclusive environment for volunteers from identified backgrounds. It is important for us to provide high quality and accessible volunteering in accordance with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.


  • Eleanor Ingram (Advisory Chair)
  • Melissa Northcott
  • Gareth Goodway - Ability WA
  • Kay Barnard - Youth Disability Advisory Network
  • Alana Kelly
  • Maddie Nicholas
  • Andrea Moss
  • Ryan Honschooten
  • Emma Ross
  • Shazzy Tharby - People with Disability WA
  • Melanie Baker - Volunteering WA