The newest WA Volunteer of the Year announced: meet Peter Geraghty


Congratulations to Peter Geraghty for taking home the coveted 2024 WA Volunteer of the Year Award.


You don’t find people like Peter Geraghty too often. Peter has been volunteering with St John WA for 43 years now, first joining the Kununoppin Sub Centre in 1980 as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer.

As his role grew in complexity, Peter adapted to ensure the Kununoppin Sub Centre was always independent, well resourced, and prepared for any event. Though he started as a Volunteer Ambulance Officer, he took on further responsibility as a Secretary, Treasurer, Call Taker/Ambulance Dispatcher, Fleet Coordinator and Volunteer Development Officer. His commitment knows no bounds, operating outside of his town of Mukinbudin to service the surrounding towns of Beacon, Bencubbin, Kununoppin, Mukinbudin, Nungarin & Trayning.

It comes as no surprise that Peter is beloved at the sub centre. His team recognises his dedication – representing them at every meeting of the Local Emergency Management Committees, passing on his knowledge to his fellow officers, going out to major incidents to ensure the crew is supported, and much more – and his efforts are much appreciated.

Though Peter’s roles at the sub centre are very rewarding, they aren’t without responsibility.

Despite the demanding schedule of owning his own full time business, and driving a school bus, Peter has always made himself available at the sub centre, and successfully led the team. He runs a fleet of 12 ambulances across six locations, plus manages additional resources including a caravan, light tower and 4WD ambulance.

In addition, Peter’s role of call taker/ambulance dispatcher requires 24/7 availability. To put this into perspective; the Kununoppin Sub Centre averages 290 calls per year, and every single phone call goes through Peter. Since 1985, there haven’t been many days each week that Peter’s phone hadn’t rung.

The impact of Peter’s volunteering has been deeply felt in the community. In March 2016, Peter was awarded the Honorary Freeman of the Shires of Mukinbudin, Mt Marshall, Trayning and Nungarin. This is the most prestigious form of honour or recognition each of the Shires can confer upon an individual, and was given to recognise the impact of Peter’s contribution across all four Shires and St John WA. Peter was also selected to participate in the Queen’s Baton Relay in 2018, in the lead up to the XXI Commonwealth Games. This selection was due to Peter’s tireless volunteering efforts for St John WA.

Now, Peter has won the 2024 WA Volunteer of the Year Award.

Volunteering WA wishes to thank Peter for the incredible volunteering he has done and for all he has given back to the community. Peter is an inspiration to all Western Australians and we wish him the best of luck as he continues his volunteering work with St John WA.