Round 2: Volunteer Management Activity Funding Recipients Announced


Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, the Volunteer Management Activity Project-Based Grants aim to help volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) break down barriers to volunteering within one of more of the six identified priority groups.

The focus of the volunteer management grants program is to:

  • To build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations through online volunteer management information, training and resources.
  • Provide services to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations to break down barriers to volunteering for one or more identified priority groups, and if deemed the most effective approach, provide face-to-face services to support these groups to participate in volunteering. These priority groups include: First Nation People; People with Disability; Newly Arrived Migrants; Vulnerable Women; Youth; and the unemployed.

Volunteer Management Activity Funding Recipients - 2023-24 Round 2 





Project focus 

RDA Carine 




Focus - Intersectional – Youth / Unemployed / People with disabilities

RDA Carine seeks to establish a leadership mentoring program designed to include young people, unemployed and people with disabilities in supporting participants in the RDA program.  The pilot program will develop resources and a digital App to support easy access to training resources and recognition for volunteers which can be shared with the sector.

Bunbury Fringe Inc  




Focus - Intersectional – Youth / People with disabilities

Bunbury Fringe aims to develop strategies for the inclusion of young people and people living with disabilities to participate in event volunteering.  Learnings, resources and strategies for engagement will be developed and shared with the sector.  The Fringe Festival is scheduled for January 2024.

Kimberley Aboriginal Women’s Council (auspiced by Broome Aboriginal Media Association)




Focus - First Nations peoples

 The Kimberley Aboriginal Women’s Council has proposed a codesign process for the development of a First Nations volunteer mentoring program called ‘Rise & Shine’.  Mentoring young women has been identified as a priority for First Nations women and girls in the Kimberley, and is a critical program that will invest in their young women ensuring they have the support and skills to prosper and become leaders, saying no to bad things and yes to achieving their dreams.  The co-design process will develop the framework for the program to be rolled out later in 2024, and will deliver learnings on First Nations engagement to be shared with the sector.

Ed Connect  




Focus - Newly Arrived Migrants 

 EdConnect seeks to develop a pilot project to connect newly arrived migrants with volunteering opportunities in School Canteens.  A framework for the ongoing rollout of the project will be developed over the first six months of 2024, with a small scale pilot informing the efficacy of the resources and processes being developed.  Learnings and resources will be shared with the sector.