LAUNCHED | National Strategy for Volunteering 2023 – 2033


Following a rigorous and inspiring 12-month co-design journey, Australia has a new shared agenda for a reimagined future for volunteering. The National Strategy for Volunteering, co-created by stakeholders from across the volunteering ecosystem, provides a blueprint for the next ten years that will enable volunteering in Australia to thrive.

“The National Strategy for Volunteering was designed and will be owned by all of us. It presents our collective vision for a future where volunteering is at the heart of Australian communities.”

The National Strategy for Volunteering includes the following:

  1. A vision for volunteering to be achieved over the National Strategy for Volunteering’s ten-year timeframe.
  2. Three focus areas, which include the aims of the National Strategy for Volunteering.
  3. Eleven strategic objectives, which detail the work required to achieve the vision and aims.
  4. A timeline for phased implementation.

On the National Strategy for Volunteering website, you will find: 

  • The downloadable PDF National Strategy for Volunteering
  • Research 'Volunteering in Australia 2022: The Volunteer Perspective'
  • Research 'Volunteering in Australia 2022: The Organisation Perspective'
  • Ongoing updates on implementation phase and next steps

The National Strategy for Volunteering was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services, led by Volunteering Australia, and co-designed by the entire volunteering ecosystem.