International Day of People with Disabilities - 3 December


Madeline Nicholas
Volunteering WA Disability Advisory Group

Hi, my name is Madeline Nicholas, and I am a part of the Volunteering WA Disability Advisory Group and I want to say happy International Day of People with Disabilities to every single person in my community. On the 3rd of December, we will be celebrating people with disabilities, acknowledging that they are a vital part of Australia’s community.

Everyday people with disabilities face barriers within society like a lack of employment opportunities, ableism, or even just being perceived as disadvantaged. As a young person I often felt disempowered by societal barriers - I have created a micro enterprise program called ‘Lightening Up,’ which aspires to help youths advocate for themselves. My program equips youths with the skills necessary to speak up for themselves and enforce healthy boundaries.

The Volunteering WA Disability Advisory Group actively brings together all stakeholders to participate in the Volunteer Management Activity Program design process, from idea generation to outcome to ensure empowerment and equality.

The aim of the advisory group is to get an understanding of the needs and barriers facing people with disabilities and to explore ways in which information, services and programs in West Australia can best support volunteer involving organisations collaborate with people within the disability community, gathering their feedback and thoughts to help the broader community. Together we endeavour to make society more accepting of all in the disability community.

Volunteering WA is seeking people interested in being a part of the Disability Advisory Group. To find out more please contact Volunteering WA, via