Homeless Connect - 2021 Event Update


Volunteering WA and the City of Perth have made the difficult decision not to proceed with Homeless Connect Perth 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it has been decided an event as large as Homeless Connect will be not feasible again this year. We want to make sure that vulnerable members of the community, including people experiencing homelessness, are safe during this time. 

FAQs: Homeless Connect Perth 2021 Cancellation

Why was Homeless Connect Perth 2021 cancelled?

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions and future uncertainty relating to large gatherings, Volunteering WA and the City of Perth have decided that this year’s event would not be safe for our guests, service providers and volunteers.

Where can I donate goods or money for the homeless?

What other opportunities exist for volunteers?

Organisations are adapting to our new environment and new roles go up all the time. We are appreciative of your
willingness to help and hope we can all find a way to safely and effectively assist our community.

We are a corporate team and were hoping to volunteer in the warehouse, can you offer us another opportunity?

Our corporate team would be happy to assist you, please contact them at corporate@volunteeringwa.org.au

Where can homeless people access services?

Homeless Service Providers in the City of Perth

How will guests be notified that Homeless Connect is cancelled?

We will be liaising with all our service providers who have regular contact with our guests and they will pass on the news that Homeless Connect is cancelled.

Will there be a Homeless Connect Perth in 2022? 

Volunteering WA will be working towards that goal, along with our partners and sponsors.

Please don't hesitate to email us at info@volunteeringwa.org.au if you have any further queries.