Are you a secret volunteer?



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Conducted every five years, the Census is the largest form of information gathering in Australia. The Census tells us things about the way that every day Australians live, and helps us to plan for the future. Statistics tell us that every year over 6 million Australians volunteer – but we want to know if that’s the whole picture. With the re-release of the National Definition of Volunteering in 2015, we looked deeper than ever before at the diverse ways in which people volunteer.

Many people do not identify as being volunteers or do not see the help they give as being volunteering. If you coach your kid’s sporting team, work on committees, help people outside your family learn new things, or participate in local clean up days, you’re a volunteer. To learn more about what defines a volunteer click here.

This Tuesday 9 August take a step back and think about your life over the past year; and if you’ve volunteered with a group or organisation tick the box!