An urgent call for COVID-19 emergency support volunteers


Volunteering WA is recruiting emergency volunteers to assist community organisations and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in helping vulnerable people most at risk from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

“In times of crisis, Western Australians love to help and volunteering provides crucial support to people in the community who are impacted by this crisis. That’s why we’re calling on all people who can lend a hand,Volunteering WA CEO Tina Williams said.

Assistance is needed with a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, telephone welfare checks for people who need support and are at risk of loneliness and social isolation, urgent household maintenance, essential transportation and grocery and medication deliveries.

Volunteering WA will match volunteers with community organisations and LGAs in delivering essential services through special taskforces to assist with the pandemic and enable the highly vulnerable in WA communities to stay safe and healthy.

“Urgent help is needed to carry out simple but vital tasks to support vulnerable people in our communities. We have already seen people providing generous support to their neighbours, we now want to extend this across our entire communities to ensure that no one is missed and all vulnerable people are safe and supported,Ms Williams said.

This new measure supports the State Government’s response to COVID-19 and aligns with the State’s aim to make ‘changes to help protect the community and ensure WA is in a strong position to recover.

We encourage members of the community who are able to volunteer and community organisations and LGAs who are in urgent need of volunteers to deliver essential services to register at

Media Enquiries:

Nazreen Macri | Manager Marketing and Communications | Volunteering WA