WA’s State of Volunteering Report provides an up-to-date summary of volunteering in Western Australia

Volunteering WA

Established in 1988 as a not-for profit organisation, Volunteering WA is the peak body for volunteering in Western Australia with almost 800 organisation and community group members. We work in partnership with community, corporate, educational and government organisations to engage with, lead and advance volunteering in Western Australia.

Our purpose is to empower people and communities to enrich WA, and our vision is for a society in which everyone is inspired to make a difference.

Western Australia's State of Volunteering 

Western Australia's State of Volunteering Report 2023, is an independent report led by Volunteering WA, the peak body working with volunteers, community, government and corporate sectors to engage, lead and advance volunteering.

This Report plays a vital role in telling the story of how volunteering is tracking in WA.

It provides information to answer four main questions from our unique, Western Australian, perspective: 

  1. Looking back, what has been our recent experience with volunteering? 
  2. What is our experience of volunteering today? 
  3. What is the economic value of volunteering in WA today? 
  4. Looking forward, what is the outlook for the sector?  

Survey Collection

Volunteering WA sincerely thanks the thousands of WA residents and volunteer managers who generously gave their time to provide an insight into their experiences, to inform this report and future work in the sector.

The report draws its insights from two extensive surveys within the volunteering sector:

  • The first, a Public Survey, involved a random sample of 1,000 WA residents;
  • while the second, a Volunteer Manager survey, included 613 WA volunteer managers from across metropolitan, regional and remote locations.

The findings underscore the resilience of the volunteering sector and emphasise the substantial benefits it brings to WA. In addition, Western Australia benefits from strong connection with corporate volunteering which further adds to this significant volunteer contribution. The report provides some high-level information from Volunteering WA’s Corporate Volunteering Program.

To promote participation from a broad cross-section of the community, the Surveys were professionally translated by Multicultural NSW and made available in 11 languages, including: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Japanese, Korean, Italian, Nepalese, Persian (Farsi), Punjabi, Spanish, and Vietnamese.