The WA State of Volunteering Report serves as a comprehensive overview of the volunteering landscape in WA, offering insights into various aspects of the sector. 

Advocacy and Policy | Western Australia's State of Volunteering

The findings, statistics, and challenges identified in the Report are used by Government at all levels, by Volunteering WA to determine what support our sector requires, and by volunteer involving organisations like yours for funding applications and reporting. 

As the leading voice for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations, Volunteering WA works to strengthen the sector and promote the benefits of volunteering and its value in transforming and enriching the communities in which we live.

Volunteering WA seeks to influence changes to act on this Report by collaborating with government and volunteer organisations to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden and streamlining processes for volunteers
  • Remove the cost of volunteer screening, in line with other states and territories
  • Increase funding for volunteers, volunteer management and recognition
  • Consult with volunteers before introducing policy changes to volunteer settings.

For Volunteering WA’s submissions on a range of issues affecting volunteering in WA and Australia, see our Advocacy & Policy Submissions.

Future Findings

The WA State of Volunteering surveys collected the richest data set on volunteering in Western Australia in over a decade. Volunteering WA will continue to highlight statistics on various categories, including by demographic, region or service focus.