Volunteering WA launches new 'Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program' package


Volunteering in Australia is changing and is unlikely to return to ‘normal’ for months (or years) to come.

In response to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteering WA launched a comprehensive resource and workshop package ('Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program') for volunteer leaders and volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) to help you adapt to the new challenges and prepare your programs for a transition to virtual volunteering in case of further restrictions.

This resource package is suitable for medium to large volunteer involving organisations.

Comprehensive Resource Guide

Volunteering WA is excited about the potential for volunteer programs to evolve and embrace technology and the resource guide contains over 35 pages of research, case studies, checklists, examples, insights and ideas to help you on your journey to designing a virtual volunteering program for the benefit of volunteers, organisations and the communities you serve.


Delivered face-to-face, this interactive workshop complements the Designing a Successful Virtual Volunteering Program resource and will cover the following key areas:

  • Why your organisation should consider virtual volunteering;
  • exploring the foundations of virtual volunteering;
  • how to get started with virtual volunteering;
  • the types of virtual volunteering roles;
  • tools needed to design a successful virtual volunteering program and roles; and
  • case studies of how other organisations are doing it successfully.

CPD: If you are registered for the Continuous Professional Development Program (CPD), 2 points will be awarded upon completion of the workshop and 3 points will be awarded if your organisation implements virtual volunteering.

Upcoming dates – registrations now open

 The cost for Volunteering WA financial members is $110; and $165 for non-members (including GST and credit card fees)

The package includes the workshop and access to a new, exclusive virtual volunteering resource and other relevant materials. This is a not-to-be missed opportunity to ensure you stay ahead of the game and expand your volunteer program in new ways.