Tue. 25 October 2022

09:30 AM to 12:30 PM


This workshop will be held online and a link will be sent out to you before the workshop commences.

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*FREE* See Me, See You – Multicultural

The See Me See You cultural responsiveness training is run by Multicultural
Futures and is free for not for profit organisations (staff, volunteers and board members) that work in Western Australia.

Whether or not you think you are an ace when it comes to other cultures, or there is room for improvement, this is a great opportunity to check your intercultural readiness, up-skill and have fun while intercultural trainer extraordinaire, Rika Asoaka, takes you through the following topics:

  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Acknowledging Own Cultural Glasses/Bias
  • Application of Cultural Responsiveness to Everyday System
  • Developing Intercultural Competencies
  • Synchronising Ideas and Actions
  • Complexities of Cultural Differences
  • English as a Second Language as Global English
  • On top of this, all participants receive their own individual IRC assessment report. 

The See Me See You program uses the Intercultural Readiness Check as one of it’s self-development tools.  The Intercultural Readiness Check gives individuals and organizations insight in their intercultural competences and how to develop them. The tool is validated by experts and used by more than 70,000 people worldwide. The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is an online questionnaire. After completing the IRC, individuals receive written personal feedback with numerous suggestions for development.

Areas of analysis include:

  • How actively are you interested in other people and their cultural backgrounds?
  • How effectively do you adjust your communication style to meet the needs of people in a culturally diverse work setting?
  • How much do you invest into developing relationships across cultures and building culturally diverse networks?
  • How effectively do you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation?

The Intercultural Readiness Check is validated by experts and used by more than 60,000 people worldwide. If you like, you can read more about the four competences that are covered by the IRC, and about the validity of this assessment tool.

 *Please note, the closing date for this workshop will be Tuesday 25 October*