Wed. 31 August 2022

09:30 AM to 13:00 PM


This session will be held online and a link will be sent out to you before the workshop commences.

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*New* Conflict Resolution and Setting Personal Boundaries – Facilitator: Jenny Gleeson

The word ‘conflict’ sends a shiver down a lot of people’s spines. They avoid it, ignore it, and hope that it will go away. Unfortunately, the longer we avoid it, the worse it usually gets.

This workshop looks at rapidly identifying situations and stages of conflict, improving positive information flow through verbal and non-verbal communication and using effective techniques for intervention. Strengthening trust and morals between both parties will support with avoiding a conflicting situation

This workshop will also look at four ways to set personal boundaries and walk through various scenarios leading to resolutions.

Suitability: For all Volunteer Involving Organisations and their employees

This workshop is $110 for VWA Financial Members and $130 for Non – Members

Please check here to see if your organisation is a member of Volunteering WA